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Year - 2019

World Pangolin’s Day – 3rd Saturday of February

World Pangolin Day is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about pangolins, the most trafficked mammals in the world. The day is observed on the third Saturday of February each year. Pangolins are unique creatures that are crucial in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by controlling insect populations. Unfortunately, they face severe threats due to illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, and other factors.

World Pangolin’s Day 16 February 2019

World Pangolin’s Day 2019 was jointly organized by Ecosystems Conservancy, WWF Pakistan, and Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi on the 16th of February 2019 aimed to spread awareness and research discussions.

Dr. Shaista Andleeb (President of the Ecosystems Conservancy Society – ECON) addresses
the role of ECON in Biodiversity Research and Conservation and Interdepartmental
collaboration at the World Pangolin Day 2019

Dr. Tariq Mahmood (Associate Prof. and Head of Wildlife Management Department PMAS-
AAUR and Senior Vice President at Ecosystems Conservation – ECON) Delivering valuable
research findings about population status, threats, and importance of Indian Pangolin at the World Pangolin Day 2019.

Mr. Muhammad Waseem (Focal Person and Researcher at WWF- Pakistan) addresses the
Heavily Illegal Trade incidents of Indian Pangolin in the Potohar Punjab and AJ&K Regions.

The Dean Faculty of Sciences, Agriculture, and Statistics attended the Indian Pangolin
Awareness seminar.

Guests from China, Fatima Jinnah Women’s University, and IWMB are attending the
Pangolin Awareness semina

Dr. Faraz Akrim (Director of Research and Development at Ecosystems Conservation –ECON) presented the research findings of the Indian Pangolin population status and threats inAzad Jammu and Kashmir

Dean Faculty of Sciences Prof. Dr. Rehmat Ullah Qureshi Addressing the Concluding
Remarks at the event